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Why exercise therapy?

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We often get questions and comments like "So you like to help people through exercises?" or "Is this the new active physio approach?" or "This seems to be the new trend, huh?" Physiotherapy is a part of the modern medical system and adopts a scientific approach, where treatments are prescribed with consideration of research evidence. There has been growing body of research supporting the superiority of exercise over other passive treatment modalities.

As a result, exercises are often prescribed as a physiotherapy treatment in many orthopaedic conditions let it be a tennis elbow from prolonged typing, or an overuse football injuries, or any other sports injury. Aside of clinical research, it just makes logical sense to promote body adaption to movements/positions (running/overhead movement/sitting) through movements/position training.

In short, exercise plays an important role in the management of many orthopaedic conditions. Patients are often given therapeutic exercises not because of trends or our preferences. It is instead a clinical decision made based on clinical researches and findings from your physiotherapy assessment. Last but not least, it is important that these exercises are tailored to address your specific needs/issues.

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