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Physiotherapy Insurance FAQ


Here are some common questions about physiotherapy insurance and insurance claims:

1) Which insurance plans provide coverage for physiotherapy insurance?

2) Do I need a doctor's referral letter to claim physio insurance?

3) Does Jeff Law Physiotherapy provide receipts for physical therapy insurance claims?

Jeff Law is a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong, so our clinic can provide official receipts issued by a physiotherapist. If your physio insurance company requires a medical report, you can also inquire with us.

4) I have physio insurance, but I'm not sure if it covers physiotherapy insurance expenses. What should I do?

5) Do I need to pay for physiotherapy insurance upfront and then claim from the insurance company?

6) Are follow-up consultation fees for physical therapy insurance covered by insurance?

7) What is the typical insurance claim procedure for physiotherapy insurance?

The insurance claim procedure for physiotherapy insurance varies depending on the policies of individual insurance companies, but generally includes the following steps:

  1. Obtain a doctor's referral letter

  2. Receive physiotherapy insurance treatment and pay the fees

  3. Obtain receipts and relevant documentation from the physiotherapist

  4. Fill out the physio insurance claim form provided by the insurance company (If any)

  5. Submit the physio insurance claim form and all related documents to the insurance company

  6. Wait for the physio insurance company to review and get the result For specific claim procedures related to your physio insurance policy, consult your physio insurance broker.

If you have any questions about your physiotherapy insurance, feel free to contact our registered physiotherapists.

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