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Jeff Law, a registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong and New Zealand, smiles at his sports physiotherapy clinic.

About Jeff

Jeff gained his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Otago, New Zealand. After graduation, he completed postgraduate courses in Dry Needling, Sports Physiotherapy, Concussion Rehabilitation and Vestibular Physiotherapy. Jeff has experience in working with highly active individuals in military clinics. He also spent time delivering community Physiotherapy services, where he gained knowledge and skills in working with a variety of conditions including chronic pain, neurological, geriatric, as well as orthopedic conditions. 

Jeff has strong passion in delivering patient-specific and evidence-based care. He is also a firm believer of the proactive healthcare approach of which actions should be taken to prevent health problems before they occur. He always tries his best to make his patients feel better, whether physically or psychologically, when they walk out of the clinic. 

Jeff is a basketball lover. On his days off, you will most likely find him playing basketball at local parks. He is also pursuing a Master degree at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he will be spending most of his weekends in the short future. 


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Electrophysical therapy equipment in use at Jeff Law's Hong Kong clinic, showcasing advanced pain relief and rehabilitation techniques.
Dry Needling session in progress at Jeff Law Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, demonstrating effective muscle tension and pain relief techniques
Manual therapy session at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, showcasing hands-on techniques for pain relief and mobility improvement.
Patient performing therapeutic exercises at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, enhancing recovery and performance under expert guidance in Hong Kong.


Dry Needling

Manual therapy


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