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A holistic approach to help you get better

Physiotherapist using a laptop for patient records and treatment planning in a modern healthcare setting.


Who may benefit from our services?

We treat a variety of conditions. These include but are not limited to sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, arthritis, slipped disc, headache, dizziness, and other types of chronic pain. Please get in touch with us and we will determine whether Physiotherapy is appropriate for you. 


Identify the root cause

A thorough Physiotherapy assessment is the first step to recovery, we need to determine the cause of your problem in order to develop a treatment plan for you. This includes gaining an understanding of your medical history, your lifestyle, your sports, and more about who you are. We will then perform a series physical examinations to further understand your problem. We put significant emphasis on this as we do care about the clinical outcome. 

Jeff Law, registered physiotherapist in Hong Kong and New Zealand, pictured in a professional healthcare environment at his clinic.
Patient Education: Visual representation of informative sessions at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, empowering patients with knowledge about their health and treatment.


We empower our patients with knowledge

Patient education is an essential element to Physiotherapy. To ensure your recovery is as best as it can be, we want to make sure you have a clear understanding of your condition. E.g. if you have sprained your ankle, you would need to know when and how to return to the sport you love. Right?


Listening to science

Exercises are often utilised in Sports Physiotherapy to restore functions, as well as managing symptoms. With the emerging scientific evidence on the effectiveness of therapeutic exercises, you may expect to be prescribed with an exercise program as a part of your treatment. We will assess your condition and develop a specific exercise program to address your problems. 

Therapeutic Exercises: Image showcasing tailored exercises at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, promoting rehabilitation and well-being.
Manual Therapy: Visual representation of hands-on treatment techniques at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, promoting pain relief and improved mobility.


Utilising the power of touch

We offer manual therapy and hands-on treatment for the purpose of pain relief and movement restoration. 


An array of treatment modalities

We provide therapeutic electrophysical modalities such as  Shockwave, Ultrasound, TENS and Interferential current. These modalities are commonly used for pain relief. Your therapist will determine whether these treatments are appropriate for you. 

Electro-physical Therapy: Illustration of advanced therapy techniques at Jeff Law Physiotherapy, promoting pain relief and rehabilitation.
Dry Needling Therapy: Visual representation of this effective treatment at Jeff Law Physiotherapy for muscle pain relief.

Dry Needling

The pain relieving needle

Dry Needling is a form of acupuncture. It reduces pain by relieving Myofascial Trigger Points within muscles.  Your therapist will determine whether dry needling is appropriate for you. 

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